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2023/12 – Gathering. Artists: Yalmakany Marawili, Menga Mununggurr, Yimula Mununggurr, Muluymuluy Wirrpanda and Napurrawuy Wunungmurra – View the catalogue with essays by Will Stubbs, Coordinator, Buku Larrnggay Mulka Art Centre and Jo Holder, The Cross Art Projects
2023/11 – GATHERING: Weaving the Collective in Yolngu Art, Exhibition Catalogue, available in PDF format. > Download as pdf
2023/07 – Tears Flowing down the Daly River, available in PDF format > Download as pdf
2023/05 – Jasmin Stephens, Exhibition Notes, Debra Phillips A talker’s echo > Download as pdf
2023/05 – James Gatt Opening Remarks, Debra Phillips A talker’s echo > Download as pdf
2023/03 – How it all began: Tiwi textiles and prints, Djon Mundine OAM, Ace Bourke (Hogarth Gallery) and Prof Diana Wood Conroy.
2023/02 – The opening launch of Troy-Anthony Baylis’ “Anita Bryant Monuments”, on Saturday 11 February in association with Sydney WorldPride.


2022/08 – A Fork in the River: The consequences of a major new cotton industry in the Northern Territory. Report by Territory Rivers.
2022/08 – The First, First Families. A Curator’s Archive. An Exhibition Reader. > Download as pdf
2022/04 – Power to the People Exhibition Catalogue, available in PDF format. > Download as pdf


2021/12 – RISE: Yolngu considerations of climate change + sea level rise, E-Publication > Download as pdf
2021/12 – Ishmael Marika, Artist Statement > Download as pdf
2021/11 – Connectedness1. The Cross Art Projects 2003-2021 > Download as pdf
2021/07 – Dhomala Dhäwu, E-Publication > Download as pdf


2017/09 – Jacqueline Gribbin interview on her ‘Dear Gilbert’ project in Imprint Magazine published by Print Council of Australia (PCA) at
2017/08 – ANKA Arts Backbone, 30th anniversary double issue, Vol 16, Issue 2 and Vol 17, issue 3, August.
2017/08 – Heritage: The narrative of a city by Rebecca Gross
2017/07 – Publication: Land Rights News, Northern Edition July 2017, On the 10 Year Intervention (includes articles by Pat Dodson, Jon Altman, Thalia Anthony).
2017/07 – CLC newsletter, July 2017 on Uluru statement.
2017/07 – Unravelling Our Past: Four Exhibitions to See in July. Probing history to pose important questions about Australia’s future by Sammy Preston
2017/07 – Jon Altman, ‘The Destruction of Homelander Life-ways’, Arena Magazine, The Intervention Feature, no 148.
2017/06 – Glencore mine’s ‘deal’ with Indigenous owners called into question, documents reveal
2017/06 – Joanna Mendelssohn, Celebrating the Feminist Holden, The Conversation.
2017/06 – Indigenous Australian Corporation Accused of Censoring Aboriginal Artists by Crystal Wu
2017/06 – Susan Charlton, Feminism & Film program, Sydney Film Festival, 2017. Full program of screenings and talks.
2017/03 – Jacqueline Gribbin, Dear Gilbert,…. ‘ (Song for the Ichthyologist), exhibition catalogue, Nomad Art, Darwin.
2017/03 – water objects – echoes: Louise Boscacci and Toni Warburton
2017/02 – Jennifer Sanders, A: The Case Against: The NSW Government’s Plan to Move the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta. B: The Case for: A Distinctive, New ‘Cultural Beacon’ in Parramatta. Powerhouse Museum Alliance Update 1st February 2017. See also Powerhouse Museum Alliance’s site:
2017/01 – Chips Mackinolty, ‘La ricchizza di la terra’, Arena, no 145, December 2016 / January 2017.


2016/12 – Elastic / Borracha / Elástico exhibition catalogue. Credit: Designer, Ricardo Felipe. Web: > Download as pdf
2016/12 – Matt Poll, Written in Stone, 2016, exhibition catalogue, Macleay Museum, Sydney University.
2016/07 – crosseXions, Beth Jackson, curator’s essay
2016/06 – 2016, Winter: ‘Textiles from Merrepen Arts’ by Anne-Marie Van De Ven, MAAS Magazine, Winter 2016. On new acquisitions from Following Lines: Art and Ecology from Merrepen. Curator Marie Falcinella, The Cross Art Projects, 2015.
2016/06 – Raquel Ormella Opening Speech by Vanessa Berry
2016/05 – Chips Mackinolty by Anita Angel, Imprint, vol. 51, no. 2, 2016
2016/05 – Future Feminist Archive Report: Jan Davis and Leonie Lane Working with Southern Cross University Library Artists’ Book Collection, Lismore Campus
2016/04 – Future Feminist Archive Residency Report: Brown Council at the Art Gallery of New South Wales by Jacqueline Millner
2016/04 – Future Feminist Archive Residency Report: Fiona MacDonald’s Full Flight Archive Project, Catriona Moore and Fiona MacDonald in conversation
2016/04 – Future Feminist Archive Residency Report: Lynette Riley, Pearl Gibbs ‘Gambanyi’ Kangaroo Cloak, 2016
2016/04 – Tracey Callinan, Notes for Feminist Archive about Arts OutWest (AOW), 2015
2016/03 – Jan Davis and Leonie Lane, Intersecting Archives from the Southern Cross University Collection, 8 March 2016. Publisher Southern Cross University Library, Lismore.
2016/01 – Review. Alex Martinis Roe, It was an unusual way of doing politics: there were friendships, love, gossip, tears, flowers …, Benison Kilby, eyeline, Number 84, 2016, p 92