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A Poster by Artist Micha Olman, the “Down with the Occupation” Exhibition,1987

Ali Kazak Sub-collection 4: The Posters of “Down with the Occupation” Exhibition June 6 1987

Forms of Censorship. Case Study Palestine
Opening 11 May to 8 June 2024

Artists: Ali Kazak Poster Collection (various artists), Nicole Barakat, Simon Blau, Narelle Jubelin, Chips Mackinolty, Mparntwe for Falastin, James Nguyen, Sofia Sabbagh, Mahmoud Salameh, Treasures of Palestine (Alissar Chidiac and Karin Vesk) and Alex Gawronski & Mitch Cumming


The exhibition Forms of Censorship mobilizes some key voices whose work addresses the pattern of artists being de-platformed or silenced for showing support for Palestine. We are an independent curatorial platform flying embroidered banners and pinning contemporary works beside ‘Stop the Occupation’ posters removed from a museum exhibition over two decades ago.

Over the 6-months of Israel’s war on Gaza cultural institutions in Australia have risen to levels of self-censorship that could prevent them from addressing (any) political conflict. Our funded arts organisations still lack human rights policies in their charters. We put the question, when does pattern or form fall prey to a pathology of censorship?