The Cross Art Projects. Artist Exhibition, Debra Phillips, A talker’s echo. 2023

Art Year in Review 2019 — December 2019

Thank you to all the artists, curators and visitors who made 2019 another good year at Cross Art Projects.

Martjanba by Saltwater Band

Written by Manuel Dhurrkay
Publishing by Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Australia) Pty Ltd

Thank you Skinnyfish Music

Moon Cube Design

Wendy Murray & Friendydney — We Need To Talk!

Wendy Murray, Drive them out, 2019. Screen print on card, Edition 10

Wendy Murray, We Will March Because, 2019. Acrylic screen print, Edition 10 + 1 AP

Add: Wendy Murray, Dam Empty (Dam Empty), aerosol and acrylic screen print on 90gsm litho, 75 x 49 cm. Edition 25

Future Feminist Archive – LIVE! at Wollongong Art Gallery.
Artists: Alison Alder, Belle Blau, Julie Freeman, Deborah Kelly, Fiona MacDonald, Wendy Murray, Ciara Phillips & Jessie Street National Women’s Library, Steve Smith

(Left) 2019 South Coast International Women’s Day Banner, reconstructed from the original by Steve Smith. (Right) Fiona MacDonald, ‘Lobby’, 2007, silk curtain, dimensions variable. (Behind) Alison Alder, When they close a pit they kill a community’, 1984, silk-screen print. Photo: Bernie Fischer

Trades Hall Collection Sydney, from The Union Of Australian Women: ‘Equality Development Peace/International Women’s Day 1975’, Silk-screen Poster (Donated by: Audrey Mcdonald). Australian Women Average 66% Of Male Pay, Union Of Australian Women T-towel. Collection Sydney Trades Hall. Photo: Bernie Fischer.

Video footage:
International Women’s Day March 1979 reconstruction

Kieren Karritpul + Patricia Marfurra:
Old Way & New Way

Kieren Karripul, Sun Mat, 102.5 x 110.5 cm, acrylic on linen, 2019

Patricia Marfurra, Fishing Net – Walupan, 2019, hand woven and naturally dyed Merrepen palm, 2.1 x 1.2 metres, in situ

The Subtle Art of Defiance: Keg De Souza, Philjames, Mojgan Habibi, Julian Talarico & Oliver Wagner. Co-curated by Elizabeth Reidy & Todd Fuller

Philjames, Glass Warfare (Molotov), 2017. Lead Crystal and flame-worked Murano Glass.

Mojgan Habibi, Behind the Words, 2016-2018, oxidation fired earthenware, waxed cotton string, dimensions variabl

Solidarity: Inscriptions for the future.
Winsome Jobling, Djirrirra Wununmurra & Mulkun Wirrpanda

Images: [left] Winsome Jobling, Resilience, 2018. 124 x 52. Handmade papers; Gamba Grass, Spear Grass and Abaca with drypoint and stitching [middle] Winsome Jobling, Guardian, 2018. 119 x 42. Handmade papers; Gamba Grass and Abac with watermarks, drypoint, chin colle and stitching. [right] Winsome Jobling, Custodian, 2018. 120 x 60. Handmade paper; Spear Grass, Banyan and Abaca with watermarks, bushfire ash, drypoint, chin colle and stitching

Djirrirra Wununmurra at The Cross Art Projects, 2019, installation view. Photo: Silversalt

The essayist. Benjamin Forster, Ida Lawrence, Jac Ball, Magda Stanová, Mark Hislop, Mitch Cairns, Nina Ross, Phuong Ngo, Pilar Mata Dupont.
Curated by Jasmin Stephens

Jac Ball, selected works in situ,
all work inkjet print on rag paper, 2019

Ida Lawrence, Idris, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 138 x 108 cm. Image: Silversalt

Debra Dawes / Numbulwar Artists: Lilian Joshua, Joy Wilfred, Jocelyn Wilfred, May Wilfred, Megan Wilfred, Virginia Wilfred / Paula Savage

Paula Savage (L to R): Mark Around, Malu – Deep Water & Shooting Star, watercolour on paper. All 2019. Photo Silversalt

Numbulwar Ghost basket paintings: (L to R) Megan Wilfred, Jocelyn Wilfred, Virginia Wilfred, Lilian Joshua. All 2019. Photo Silversalt

Debra Dawes (L to R): Notation #2, Notation #3 & Notation #4, 2019, and watercolour, ink and gesso on paper, all 112 x 78 cm. Photo Silversalt

Archiving Womanifesto:
An International Art Exchange, 1990s – Present
Curators: Varsha Nair, Nitaya Ueareeworakul,
Phaptawan Suwannakudt

Womanifesto 2001 Workshop group

Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Nariphon 3a, 1996, acrylic on silk,
90 x 90 cm. Courtesy Kenneth and Beverley Carruthers
Photo Cantra Clark.

By the Stars, Wind & Ocean Currents
Part I: Yolngu / Makassan Crossings
Dhuwarrwarr Marika, Bulthirrirri Wununmurra & Nawurapu Wununmurra

Dhuwarrwarr Marika, Makassan Swords & Long Knives, 2019. Collograph print on Hanhemuhle paper, 53 x 78 cm.

Installation. Back wall: Bark paintings and Larrakitj by Nawurapu Wunungmurra. Forground: Dhuwarrwarr Marika, Milnurr, 2019, natural pigments on bark, 77 x 62 cm.