The Cross Art Projects. Artist Exhibition, Debra Phillips, A talker’s echo. 2023

Art Year 2013 in Review — December 2013

Happy Summer Holidays

The Cross Art Projects thanks you profusely for supporting the artists, curators and exhibitions in 2013. Thanks to the fabulous artists, curators and interns for making it all so splendid.

Exhibition: Yirrkala, After Berndt, 1947-1913, presented by Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre, Yirrkala.

Yirrkala Drawings at Art Gallery of NSW, to 23 February 2014

Gift suggestion: for something very, very special, some ‘After Berndt’ commemorative etchings are still available at a great price.

Summer recess: from Saturday, 21 December 2012 at 6pm to 8 February 2014 for the opening of Napolean Oui’s Rainforest Shield Project and the Sydney East Art Walk.

The Cross Art Projects, Artist Exhibition. Art Year 2013 in Review — December 2013

Images from XAP 2013: some projects from top to bottom
Yirrkala, After Berndt, 1947-1913 (power music of Waka Mununggurr (yidaki) and songs of Yalpi Yunupingu, Gunybi Ganambarr and talk by Naminapu Maymuru–White). Kittey Malarvie from Kittey Malarvie and Karen Mills: Conversations and Connection. Starrs & Cmiekewski. Mabel Juli from  Jadagen Warnkan Barnden at XAP and Goulburn Art Gallery. John Demos at Big Fag Press. Novel Ecologies. Cement Town: Placing Cementa: Madeleine Preston, Counter Intuitive (detail) and Margaret Roberts at Kandos Scout Hall, 2013 at Kandos. Chips Mackinolty talks on ‘Social Fabric’ at Sydney Trades Hall.

Documents Kings Cross then and Now: