Network of UnCollectable Artists — 3 to 26 June 2004

At the Biennale of Sydney, look out for NUCA’s salespersons in their distinctive NUCA jackets. Bubble gum cards, sold in packs of 8, randomly assorted.

Collect all 50!

1. This is a Heavy Product 2. Ned Sevil 3. Maree Man 4. The Empty Show 5. PVI collective 6. Mickie Quick 7. Will and Dave (No War, Sydney Opera House) 8. Ali Anonymous 9. SquatSpace (unReal Estate agency) 10. St Georges Terracists 11. Keg 12. Spin the Bottle Bloc 13. Train Painters 14. Nobody and Maxine Foxxx 15. Blind Authority Manipulation Corp 16. DIY Arts Show 17. Marcus Canning 18. Artists Against Art (National Iconoclastic Lobby Group) 19. Lucas Ihlein 20. Simon Cavanough 21. Michelle Hanlin 22. Stealth Video Ninja 23. CIVS 24. Andrew Harper 25. Mark Minchinton 26. Pedestrian Bureau 27. Tim Burns 28. Simon Yates 29. Minnie Temple 30. Amal Laala 31. Bec Dean 32. Marrickville Jelly Wrestling Federation 33. Christian De Vietri (in)security guards 34. Swift Treweeke 35. Peachey and Robinson 36. Hotel 6151 37. Deborah Kelly, Brown Nose Day 38. Michael Schiavello 39. Student AKA Andrew Gaynor 40. Sound of Missing Objects 41. SNOOPP 42. Briefcase Gallery (Simon Barney) 43. James Dodd 44. Tom Nicholson 45. Sarah Goffman 46. The Cake Lady 47. Robin Whittle 48. Anne Walton 49. Margaret Roberts 50. Helen Sturgess

NUCA is a brand new nation-wide affiliation connecting those who gravitate towards ephemeral projects, participatory experiences, illegal art actions, and activities that oddify everyday life. Some members make unwieldy installation projects, while others alter billboards, project images in abandoned spaces at night, or exchange ideas rather than objects. Some simply make dead ugly paintings that would never sell.
NUCA is building a publicity machine, so artists may exchange essential info about their activities, collaborate on new projects, and connect with UnCollectable others.
Collect all 50!



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Network of UnCollectable Artists: