• Connected to the Land: Angelina Karadada Boona, Betty Bundamurra, Mary Punchi Clement & Mrs Taylor

    30 May to 4 July 2020

Radical Printmaking, collective art practice and alternative media sites, Pat Armstrong, Glenn Barkley, Deborah Kelly, Kate Sweetapple and friends — 24 April 2010

Saturday 24 April 2010

Join a conversation on concepts of collective art practice and alternative media sites with Pat Armstrong (Big Fag Press), Glenn Barkley (curator, Australian artists and the Literary world, MCA, 2009), Deborah Kelly (artist and a founder of www.boat-people.org), Kate Sweetapple (Mapping Sydney: Experimental Cartography and the Imagined City, 2009, www.localconsumption.com) and friends.


Hurry-Hurry: Radical Printmaking pays tribute to art and curatorial practices that encourage citizen-based activism, reclaim public space for information about alternative culture, ideas and economies. The finale of a popular show with thanks to all participants and supporters.