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Conversations and Connection, Kittey Malarvie & Karen Mills — 8 November 2013

Maurice O'Riordan, director Northern Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA),
Darwin, with the artists and Cathy Cummins, manager Waringarri Arts, Kununurra.

8 November 2013.



Kittey Malarvie and Karen Mills    


Conversations, Connection and Experiment: As the culmination of Darwin-based Karen Mills's artist residency at Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, a contemporary cultural centre at Kununurra in the Kimberley, senior artist Kittey Malarvie led a camping trip to their shared country, the remarkable cultural and geological desert landscape around Lake Gregory and Sturt Creek. For the art centre this was an unexpected development in its inaugural artist residency. The artists' paintings, made later in their respective studios in Kununurra and Darwin, map the country's contours, waters and salt pans. For both artists, however, the spaces in between echo history and displacement of its people.



Cathy Cummins, Louise Malarvie, Kittey Malarvie and Karen Mills Kittey Malarvie and Karen Mills



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Maurice O'Riordan with Karen Mills's Sturt Creek (small)
Conversation: Kittey Malarvie and Karen Mills Conversation: Kittey Malarvie and Karen Mills