The Cross Art Projects. Artist Exhibition, Debra Phillips, A talker’s echo. 2023

Connectedness1. The Cross Art Projects 2003-2021

The Cross Art Projects, Artist Exhibition. Connectedness1. The Cross Art Projects 2003-2021

​Introduction: The Cross Art Projects is a contemporary art project space situated in a busy laneway in Sydney’s Kings Cross. Its location, exhibition program and stage-like shopfront help to foreground the multiple relationships between art, life and the public sphere. The audience is primarily local and informed: from the homeless to epidemiologists and, of course artists, writers and other creators—all despite the gentrification that is common to large cities.

Connectedness: The Cross Art Projects 2003–2021 comprises two books (the second to come) with six sections, three to each book. The curatorial work sits under six intersecting themes that span almost two decades, selected to reveal expanded ideas of art, archives and history. The exhibitions foreground artwork using archival material, from natural and ecological archives such as rock art, to archives of Indigenous art centres, feminist archives and those relating to Australia’s geographic context – that is as an large island in a sea full of islands.

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