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Darwin speakers: Francisco Jose Dos Remedios Ramos Filipe, Consulate-General of the Democratic Republic of East Timor, Darwin; Gary Haslett, acting Lord Mayor, Darwin; Gary Lee and Duwun Lee (mamilima/didgeridoo), Larrakia Welcome.

Public programs: Veronica Pereira Maia, Maria Madeira performance with Darwin/Larrakia artists Duwun Lee and Nadine Lee and friends of Timor-Leste with talks by Alistair Wyvill (on Timor Gap), Louise Partos (on Baucau music festival) and Angus Cameron (on One Seed project in Baucau).

Production and other collaborators: AFFET activists in Darwin and elsewhere (Illana Eldridge, Dulcie Munn, Rob Wesley- Smith, Vaughan Williams), Big Fag Press (Louise Anderson, Pat Armstrong, Diego Bonetto, Lucas Ihlien), Phillip Boulten, Jose Casimiro, Gloriade Casto, Jude Conway, NCCA (Maurice O’Riordan, Matty van Roden, Cora Diviny, Régis Martin, Amina McConvell, Chan Contemporary Art Space (Simon Cooper),

Marcos Corrales, Nelson Corrales Jubelin, Michelle Culpitt, Darkstar Digital (Richard Crampton), Farrell Printers (Rob Farrell), Herculano Gutteres, Maria Madalena Gutteres, Virginia Hyam, Phillip Irwin, Mary Jane Jacob, Jasco Art Supplies (Marcia Collins), Patricia Leal, Mattias Madeira, Terezinha Madeira, João Mártires, Karen Mills, Moon Cube Design (Kim Scott), Filipa Oliviera, David Palazón, Skye Raabe, Fiona Morrison, Vitorino Dos Santos, Timor Aid (Rosalia Soares, Anne Finch, Joanna Barrkman), Buzz Sanderson, Meret MacDonald, Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies, Penelope Seidler, Petronila De Sousa, Filosmena Ximenes, José Ximenes. Timor Aid in Dili facilitated the artists’ travels, as did the late Melbourne-based independent curator, Jennifer Phipps.

Thanks: Sentru Kultural Xanana, Dili where the Timor-Leste Contemporary Art Database will be housed.

The Cross Art Projects, Timor Leste Timeline.

page 117: Fiona MacDonald and Kim Scott, Elastics/Borracha/ Elástico: Darwin <> Dili, 2015 (film still). Video, 5 mins. Source footage: Skye Raabe, Victor De Sousa Pereira

page 118: Fiona MacDonald, Open Archive No 4. Video, 4 mins. From Open Archive, 2014. Four short movies. Production assistance Moon Cube Design

pages 120–121: Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation (CAVR, active 2002 to 2005). The CAVR commissioned a permanent exhibition, Chega! (designed by David Palazón), at the Balide Comarca. The prison commemorative site includes documentation, an archive,
site interpretation. The CAVR poster set History of Timor- Leste comprises 20 colour posters depicting history from the Portuguese colonists through to self-determination in 1999.

Each poster is accompanied by a brief historical note in Tetun, Indonesian, Portuguese, and English. Poster set published by United Nations and in book form (2007).

See Chega! The Report of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation, (CAVR), Executive Summary, 2005. CAVR concluded the number who died of hunger and illness between 1975–1999 as 183,000.

pages 122–123: Fiona MacDonald, Girls playing Elastics, Uma Lulik Buscaclan, district of Baucau, village Nunira, 2012. Source photograph for Fiona MacDonald, Maria Madeira, Narelle Jubelin, Victor De Sousa, Elastic/Borracha/Elástico (2012 Timor-Leste Mobile Residency Archive). Print no 10. Offset Lithographic Set printed by the artists with Big Fag Press, Sydney in 2014

The Cross Art Projects, Timor Leste Timeline.